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  tastytea 83abaf81b6
Shrunk CI recipe. 2 months ago
  tastytea 4c26c25c91
Changed description. 2 months ago
  tastytea 052c82ba41
typo 3 months ago
  tastytea 238947729a
Drone: Notify on success *and* failure. 3 months ago
  tastytea 0abb33cdbc
pull: true -> pull: always. 3 months ago
  tastytea d714ff6930
Converted drone config to new format. 3 months ago
  tastytea 95b4ca21ed
Clarify what is considered an old cache file. 4 months ago
  tastytea 125e45ca88
Got rid of tables in manpage. 4 months ago
  tastytea d1b2f5e54a
Fixed markup. 5 months ago
  tastytea c265c129ea
Fixed indentation where possible. 5 months ago
  tastytea b4011aae38
Changed copyright notice. 5 months ago
  tastytea 4372052f3d
Fixed dependency-list in readme. 5 months ago
  tastytea 58e0058cf4
Added --version to synopsis in makefile. 5 months ago
  tastytea 43eb8e2ad5
Replaced README.md with README.adoc. 5 months ago
  tastytea 9889785e24
Clarified git instructions. 5 months ago
  tastytea cce6d92c3e
More debug flags. 5 months ago
  tastytea 5087ca9513
Version bump 0.4.0. 5 months ago
  tastytea 3216d85aaf
Added --version. 5 months ago
  tastytea 32e17bff12
Added compiler invocation to manpage. 5 months ago
  tastytea 9eb18e0c95
Change default compiler from g++ to g++ -x c++ 6 months ago
  tastytea cf5f9bcca0
Write config if it doesn't exist. 6 months ago
  tastytea 066fda27a6
Don't install Readme.md 6 months ago
  tastytea f1ea55e665
Fixed build script: would never compile manpage 6 months ago
  tastytea 3a0a47172d
Made manpage optional. 6 months ago
  tastytea 2b506db59d
Manpage: Added e-mail as bug reporting method. 6 months ago
  tastytea 3f75a95a68
typo 6 months ago
  tastytea 58c0999666
Enhanced manpage. 6 months ago
  tastytea 42c8ad48f9
typo 6 months ago
  tastytea a4b4b41577
Allow # and ; as comment indicators 6 months ago
  tastytea eb0bcaf535
Added manpage 6 months ago
  tastytea 6cd9ff8083
Abort on compilation error. 7 months ago
  tastytea 6a67553d61
Enhanced documentation. 7 months ago
  tastytea 7c13f23d3c
Added Gentoo installation suggestion. 7 months ago
  tastytea cc974b5cbb
Fail if config can't be read. 7 months ago
  tastytea c0793664f9
A bit of refactoring 7 months ago
  tastytea ed154feec5
Clarified compiler arguments line number. 7 months ago
  tastytea 5313345853
Added shebang detection 7 months ago
  tastytea f4d39e4dfc
Added possibility to clean up cache_dir. 7 months ago
  tastytea 711accdc8f
Replicate the full path of the original file under cache_dir. 7 months ago
  tastytea 3e39846c15
Changed the binary path to be source + ".bin". 7 months ago
  tastytea b68e81d36c
Removed forced cpp extension on cached sourcecode. 7 months ago
  tastytea db4d1fcd4b
Skip compilation if binary is newer than source file. 7 months ago
  tastytea b74db00ff3
CI: Added clang 3 7 months ago
  tastytea e662b73918
Reordered things to make it more pleasant to the brain. 7 months ago
  tastytea 93e079cc89
Renamed from cppscript to compilescript. 7 months ago
  tastytea 1b46b56624
Switched license to GPL-3.0. 7 months ago
  tastytea ba8a788039
Added error codes 7 months ago
  tastytea e5a961e18a
Added example config 7 months ago
  tastytea 2cba143b4e
Install README.md 7 months ago
  tastytea 33f6f26054
Added CI 7 months ago