51 Commits (0.7.4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tastytea 6dbddb6df2
Fix premature "Connected to..." message 1 year ago
  tastytea 992f6373ab
Added warning if in_reply_to_id is not found 1 year ago
  tastytea 0a380dbab4
Incresed wait time after broken connection from 30 to 60 seconds 1 year ago
  tastytea 1273f72e4b
Try fetching the status 2 times 1 year ago
  tastytea ed537c850f
typo 1 year ago
  tastytea 575fb5b4e2
Added proxy support #1 1 year ago
  tastytea 95c9eea3df
Added 30-second delay on stream error 1 year ago
  tastytea c6153d98e0
typo 1 year ago
  tastytea 981389343f
fixed openrc script 1 year ago
  tastytea 9f94317b7d
added "Connected to …" log message 1 year ago
  tastytea 293600447b
Corrected logstring format 1 year ago
  tastytea 061056548b
re-added notice to stderr if received signal 1 year ago
  tastytea 824fe6bba6
changed log facility to local1 1 year ago
  tastytea e9419c07a1
Logging via syslog added, logging vio stdout/stderr removed 1 year ago
  tastytea c215c076e4
improved error checking 1 year ago
  tastytea 138a335047
Better reply 1 year ago
  tastytea 60336c84b2
added wt_zmc to tracking parameters list 1 year ago
  tastytea 08bec96131
Made tracking-regexes case-insensitive 1 year ago
  tastytea 7cc297ea16
move debug output for clarity 1 year ago
  tastytea 9c5ffbb0dc
Addes linnk to latest release 1 year ago
  tastytea 1b70a29896
Do not print replies in debug output 1 year ago
  tastytea 0f8ca030fe
catchup() after each reconnect 1 year ago
  tastytea 3bcb775df5
updated config file 1 year ago
  tastytea 2efd88bc4d
Added registration and config file creation 1 year ago
  tastytea 51233c1059
typo 1 year ago
  tastytea e22da8e172
added license 1 year ago
  tastytea e6be932e06
Documented URL rewriting behaviour 1 year ago
  tastytea 30a8903197
new feature: catches up on missed mentions 1 year ago
  tastytea b361753f51
switched confuig file format from cfg to json 1 year ago
  tastytea 211a255048
updated mastodon-cpp dependency 1 year ago
  tastytea d7b59ad6bc
Revert "reconnect: quick & dirty fix" 1 year ago
  tastytea 1112092cb2
reconnect: quick & dirty fix 1 year ago
  tastytea e053d7cd44
Reconnections did not work, this should fix it. Needs testing 1 year ago
  tastytea df818317ac
get_new_messages(): Return mentions only 1 year ago
  tastytea 784dc4269a
Try to fetch full status before getting in_reply_to_id 1 year ago
  tastytea 6da8c1ca07
Stripping more tracking parameters; Added AMP subdomain removal 1 year ago
  tastytea 44f1692e80
Added mutex 1 year ago
  tastytea 08a7cb1988
fixed reconnect code 1 year ago
  tastytea 4d48e5fa1c
forgot to reset counter m( 1 year ago
  tastytea 6d578f7e1e
If we got an empty message 5 times, set state to not running 1 year ago
  tastytea 286a9baa06
mild refactoring 1 year ago
  tastytea cea2f7c295
updated to mastodon-cpp-0.12.2, etc.... 1 year ago
  tastytea dac34c9197
added -Wall to debug flags 1 year ago
  tastytea 7a84adec36
enhanced build recipe 1 year ago
  tastytea adaa5faa36
small fixes 1 year ago
  tastytea 8ff314cd53
added example screenshot 1 year ago
  tastytea b66f1ba788
fixed openrc script, fixed ebuild 1 year ago
  tastytea f3790cb5e1
Added Gentoo package, added openrc script 1 year ago
  tastytea 73640c3b66
Errors to stderr, debug output to stdout 1 year ago
  tastytea ca261ca031
Catching SIGTERM, cosmetic changes 1 year ago