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  tastytea edaae3906b
typo 2 months ago
  tastytea 9d784d18b1
Changed example, generated example images using example. 2 months ago
  tastytea 42e7fd9a18
Removed png as default mode. 2 months ago
  tastytea c5aa9da086
Added padding 2 months ago
  tastytea f14554f38f
Added asymmetric identicons. 2 months ago
  tastytea 43865a6b4e
Renamed: simple -> ltr_symmetric; libravatar -> sigil; identicon_type -> algorithm 3 months ago
  tastytea eaffd0b005
libravatar/sigil algorithm, first try 3 months ago
  tastytea 302b8adb8b
Throw error if libravatar-style is selected (not implemented). 3 months ago
  tastytea ca4ed6f2ab
Added compilation instructions to example 3 months ago
  tastytea 84b97fdf9f
Added automatic package generation, improved documentation. 3 months ago
  tastytea 024fd4eb79
Refactored 3 months ago
  tastytea 80b2a59c9f
OK, it works. 3 months ago
  tastytea c94fc018eb
Prepared functions for simple and libravatar-style identicons. 3 months ago
  tastytea aaece0eabc
Changed colors from string to uint32. 3 months ago
  tastytea 062e435d8c
Initial commit 3 months ago