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  tastytea 5475a60495
Removed cache-mention, because the header is not set anymore. 1 week ago
  tastytea ca0650a4cd
Fixed enginx example 1 week ago
  tastytea d2d35d8ac5
If requested size is < 0, return 80px image. 1 week ago
  tastytea f7d6bdc3e9
Moved Cache-Control header from program to nginx config. 1 week ago
  tastytea 9aa8803029
Return 501 or redirect if "Mystery Person" is not found. 1 week ago
  tastytea 18b0ed6359
Link to "Mystery Person" SVG. 1 week ago
  tastytea b00dce398e
Removed header: "Connection: close" 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 5205395f7f
Typo 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 3666be0872
Added "public" to Cache-Control header. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea d065ed3bd2
Added section "Speed" to readme. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea e15289097a
Reformat readme 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 3bdcd7b120
Include only necessary Magick++-headers. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 785cd7a35f
Refactored settings-stuff into own file. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 06a1bfccd9
Exit with error code 1 if request is bad 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 1aca78df88
Check if hash is valid 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 513391f44b
Replaced "\n\n" with << endl << endl for consistency 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 268ff7ab6f
If size=0, return standard size(80px) 2 weeks ago
  tastytea ec140aad01
Bugfix: detect file type and send appropriate Content-Type. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea b3593a95f0
Clarified readme. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea b1347fc0f1
Made it clearer that the default image overrides fallbacks. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 60517a5f32
Add paragraph about identicons to "Things to keep in mind". 2 weeks ago
  tastytea f670c1c8a1
Abort if favicon is requested. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 75680b3739
Switched package generation from Ubuntu 16.04 to Debian stretch 2 weeks ago
  tastytea e9456be931
Added Debian package names for dependencies. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea b0e267f13f
Refactored a tiny little bit. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 95741d99b8
Added warning about ressource usage with many users. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 4418251844
Initialize default fallback with "404" 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 3e037d4936
Changed the HTTP Status responses to be more accurate 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 1dad647059
Enhanced readme 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 30020024bd
Install README.md 2 weeks ago
  tastytea bcfbd228df
Beautified readme 2 weeks ago
  tastytea a8c807717e
Made the documentation more coherent 2 weeks ago
  tastytea fbf7437dd9
Added settings to redirect to libravatar.org if the user was not found 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 4d0033652d
Added setting to configure the default fallback. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea f0406f7e3a
Fixed build script 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 195d86c5c3
Added not supported features to readme 2 weeks ago
  tastytea cf6b1f84aa
Initialize pseudorandom number with 2^64-1 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 16eae60349
Switched to Ubuntu 16.04 for package generation. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea a7cfffe6d9
Added link to automatic signing key. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 87bedbbf7b
typo 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 645554e226
Added identicon support (closes #2) 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 3db99fbd03
Added documentation for cmake options 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 3c185e7ae5
Added automatic package generation 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 8cc6e73cb1
Bugfix: Return 404 if fallback is empty or unknown 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 50d902bcc9
Removed debug statement 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 9e6edf7179
Bugfix: Heed d=404 3 weeks ago
  tastytea f793a86af2
Bugfix: Remove file extensions from digest with no parameters in URL 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 43232d802b
Added support for mystery person (aka mystery man) 3 weeks ago
  tastytea ed83a9c4a8
Remove file extensions from digests. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 13a71f0315
Changed environment variable AVATAR_DIR to LIBRAVATARSERV_DIR to avoid collisions. 3 weeks ago