C++ wrapper for the Mastodon API .
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tastytea 3a36744d72
Fixed Instance::stats().
6 days ago
api Reformatted switch. 4 weeks ago
easy Fixed Instance::stats(). 6 days ago
debug.hpp Changed debug.hpp to respect 80 char rule. 1 month ago
http.cpp Print remaining content of the stream in debug mode. 1 month ago
mastodon-cpp.cpp Check if files exists. 3 weeks ago
mastodon-cpp.hpp Changed wording a bit. 2 weeks ago
return_types.cpp Fixed operator << warnings. 4 weeks ago
return_types.hpp Put http_error_code in return_base. 1 month ago
types.cpp Replaced parametermap with own types. 1 month ago
types.hpp Added list of types to readme. 1 month ago
version.hpp.in fixed CMakeLists 1 year ago