Some Gentoo ebuilds, no guarantees
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tastytea 15b800fdc2
dev-python/python-nbxmpp: Version bump 0.6.10
2 days ago
app-emulation/dxvk app-emulation/dxvk: Version bump 0.96, switched to EAPI 7 3 weeks ago
app-misc app-misc/feiertage: Version bump 1.6.1 1 week ago
dev-cpp dev-cpp/mastodon-cpp: Removed debug use flag, it didn't work. 2 weeks ago
dev-go dev-go: Added metadata to all go packages 3 months ago
dev-lang/compilescript dev-lang/compilescript: Added asciidoc dependency, bumped EAPI to 7. 2 weeks ago
dev-python dev-python/python-nbxmpp: Version bump 0.6.10 2 days ago
games-engines/solarus games-engines/solarus: Version bump 1.6.0 4 weeks ago
games-misc/vegan-desert-island games-misc/vegan-desert-island: Bumped solarus dependency. 4 weeks ago
games-server/factorio-server games-server/factorio-server: added 0.16.51-r1, binary is now executable 5 months ago
games-strategy/widelands Fixed QA warnings 3 months ago
licenses games-server/factorio-server: Added 0.16.51 5 months ago
metadata metadata/layout.conf: added manifest signing 7 months ago
net-im net-im/gajim: Deleted old ebuilds 1 month ago
net-misc net-misc/feiertagebot: New package 1 week ago
profiles Masked dev-python/mastodon and dev-python/validators for removal 3 weeks ago
sys-apps/hashboot sys-apps/hashboot: Updated to EAPI 7 2 weeks ago
sys-auth/pam_e4crypt signed manifests 7 months ago
sys-libs/solo-udev-rules sys-libs/solo-udev-rules: Fixed keywords, renamed 9999->99999999 1 month ago
www-apps www-apps/gitea: Version bump 1.7.2 5 days ago
x11-misc/xob x11-misc/xob: Fixed wrong config location 3 months ago
x11-themes x11-themes/papirus-icon-theme: New package 3 months ago
.drone.yml CI: changed repoman command 2 months ago Enhanced readme 6 months ago
overlay.xml Removed secondary git source 4 months ago

Portage repository “tastytea”

This is an unofficial repository for Portage, Gentoo’s package manager.

All ebuilds are marked as testing. All live-ebuilds have no keywords. I will delete ebuilds I no longer use.

Add this repository

Using eselect-repository

eselect repository enable tastytea

Using layman

layman -fa tastytea

PGP key

I use PGP to sign commits and manifests.

Fingerprint: 3555 2668 64CA 6D7F F45A A6E7 CFC3 9497 F1B2 6E07

Public key: