soupbot is a soup-recommending bot for Mastodon.
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soupbot is a soup-recommending bot for Mastodon.



  • Tested OS: Linux
  • C++ compiler (tested: gcc 9)
  • cmake (tested: 3.16)
  • boost (tested: 1.72)
  • mastodonpp (at least: 0.5.5)

Get sourcecode

Development version

git clone


mkdir build
cd build/
cmake ..

cmake options:

  • -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug for a debug build

Install with make install.


Copy ingredients.json to ~/.config/soupbot/ingredients.json.

You will need a pre-generated authentication code.


Copyright © 2018, 2019, 2020 tastytea <>.
License GPLv3: GNU GPL version 3 <>.
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software,
and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.