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  tastytea 540877fb75
Removed error report via statusbar, added error reporting via message box. 1 year ago
  tastytea a5dec132a1
Split up cmake file 1 year ago
  tastytea bac1445238
Added icon to packages 1 year ago
  tastytea 240e1feeee
Fixed icon 1 year ago
  tastytea 6492271faf
Qt interface: Re-Added window title for toolbar 1 year ago
  tastytea b5cb58e612
Qt interface: Made keyboard shortcuts not translatable. 1 year ago
  tastytea 7fcfd3618f
Added icon 1 year ago
  tastytea c856555df8
text interface: Switched back to default keys. 1 year ago
  tastytea 2c38822243
Made translations possible for the text interface 1 year ago
  tastytea 77b93a367c
Added possibility to compile without GUI 1 year ago
  tastytea 532e4ec95f
Qt: made translations possible, added german translation (#5) 1 year ago
  tastytea f6e0b97e77
Added means to edit entries in the Qt interface 1 year ago
  tastytea b1625d6de3
Qt: Made receipts-label tabable to improve use with screenreaders 1 year ago
  tastytea a444c3b966
Bugfix: Qt: After the first entry was added, the header names would be reset to 1, 2, 3 1 year ago
  tastytea 5dbf23b018
Qt: Moved the signal-setup to the .ui-files, UI tweaks 1 year ago
  tastytea 768ba4d42b
Bugfixes: Don't name new receipts "Test", set window title for add entry dialog 1 year ago
  tastytea 140d061b76
Added desktop file (fixes #3) 1 year ago
  tastytea a39005bed8
Added menu 1 year ago
  tastytea c1e7f22157
Qt interface: Make it possible to add receipts (fixes #2) 1 year ago
  tastytea b7c523e74e
Added quit button and Ctrl-Q shortcut 1 year ago
  tastytea 1bcbd320b2
Added add and remove to Qt interface 1 year ago
  tastytea ad5f10e64e
Made Qt interface optional 1 year ago
  tastytea ad308f3dd5
Rudimentary Qt interface 1 year ago
  tastytea 08ff4d628b
Only attempt to show receipts if there are any. 1 year ago
  tastytea 2ddb5060ed
Bugfix: Made sure that parent directories are created, if necessary. 1 year ago
  tastytea b2197397ed
Added package generation 1 year ago
  tastytea 8b52c5c2b2
Reduced cmake dependency to 3.6, fixed drone file 1 year ago
  tastytea 1b8be98493
Refactored, made it easier to add more interfaces 1 year ago
  tastytea 133f7f9c2a
added feature to print help 1 year ago
  tastytea a2d9c2eb5c
added feature to remove records 1 year ago
  tastytea 2bd6eeae40
added feature to add records 1 year ago
  tastytea 05c601021d
Added detailed view 1 year ago
  tastytea c67f973227
initial commit 1 year ago