List of block-worthy Fediverse-instances
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Our goal is to create a list of block-worthy Fediverse-instances that serves as a collective reference for the pleasant part of the Fediverse and to help new admins to get started without being flooded with shit.

How to contribute

Read the Code of Conduct.

You can either suggest an instance in an issue or make a Pull Request. In both cases you need to provide a reason and proof.

Pull Request

Use the instance domain as headline, followed by the reason and receipts. Each receipt consists of an URI to the offending post and a screenshot. The screenshots belong in the folder receipts/.

Example for a Pull Request

==== Reason:

Admin randomly insults people.

==== Receipts:



How to get off the list

If your instance is on the list and you think it shouldn’t be, please open an issue and explain why it should be removed from the list.