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  tastytea 588ec1b44c
Added tests for C interface 16 hours ago
  tastytea fb6eadd946
Added generate_base64() 1 day ago
  tastytea d1a8dfd678
Fixed include guards 1 week ago
  tastytea e7f64f9a61
Clarified contributing guidelines 1 week ago
  tastytea 5e5ffb0343
Added C reference to readme. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 7868f42862
Added error reporting for the c interface. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea dcf7317573
Enhanced documentation. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 8bb322edb9
Use friend class instead of protected members. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 455eba820b
Initialize some variables. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea ccbdb5c582
Added C interface to readme 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 5be366f3cb
Added documentation to identiconpp_base64(). 2 weeks ago
  tastytea da2b64b159
Merge branch 'c-interface' 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 7cd528bea1
Added C-header to install recipe. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 28d08342d3
C-interface: Added more error checking. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea cef436faf5
C-interface: Added example 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 7c8a88bc6b
typo 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 7d89f416e8
C-interface: return images as base64. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 988eaf406c
Started C interface. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 91575c7775
Removed unnecessary includes 2 weeks ago
  tastytea edaae3906b
typo 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 356510adc9
Added include guards. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 9d784d18b1
Changed example, generated example images using example. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 6c8e8f336d
Added tests for not_hex(). 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 6e7bfed912
Added tests for check_entropy 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 97ced01ffa
Added tags 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 55de144050
Added color format tests. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 86e865edfe
Allow uppercase hex digits. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 04b7a3afd0
Added check for at least one foreground color. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 4b198ccd58
Added crash / don't crash tests. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea ddd55f6221
Added color-size check to sigil algorithm. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 4e5397a2a2
Added color tests 2 weeks ago
  tastytea dbb15bee87
Refined test compilation 2 weeks ago
  tastytea a09bd56a2f
typo 2 weeks ago
  tastytea ffff29d087
clarify that catch is for tests 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 3faff570a2
If Catch 2 and Catch 1 is not found, then abort. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea a72149221a
Fixed CI recipe, confirmed support for Catch < 2 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 3c879d6eb4
CI: Loop through tests 2 weeks ago
  tastytea e568a64129
Bugfix: Background color was always transparent with older imagemagick 2 weeks ago
  tastytea b0c0e0ef09
Added compatibility for Catch < 2, hopefully. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 0e3d1e4691
Enabled tests in CI. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 903de5f906
Added first tests. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea b518d5ed12
Fixed entropy calculation for sigil. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 2fb09294e4
Added example to HTML reference. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea dc6e32fbf9
Improved documentation, added images. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 211b0ba7b4
Fixed error: Would crash often if only one foreground color. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea f891679884
Fixed algorithm descriptions in readme. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 35a1cc2233
Throw exception if width or height - padding * 2 is 0 or less. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 0425ee3fec
Corrected height calculation, floored log2-output explicitly. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 36dd2b7e5a
Corrected the "how many bits do i need for n colors"-algorithm. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 42e7fd9a18
Removed png as default mode. 3 weeks ago