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  tastytea ffaf4a551a
Bugfix: Do not assume client_id, client_secret and token are hexadecimal. 1 week ago
  tastytea 0cbfb415b5
Correted error in documentation. 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 28734ee8cf
Add warning about int->string change. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea a6b4a09dc8
Changed ids from uint_fast64_t to const string in examples. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea b601369bfd
Forgot an int->string conversion. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 5a6b541de2
Changed ids from uint_fast64_t to const string in all relevant places. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 0b47e0ec8d
Changed ids from uint_fast64_t to const string in all Entities. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea e2614c045e
Fixed documentation for get_notifications(). 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 462085470e
Added get_notifications(). 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 03f6b944d8
Updated the link to the Mastodon documentation. 2 months ago
  tastytea ee82d35357
Removed const where it has no effect. 2 months ago
  tastytea 8a0f709a6e
Added support vor bookmarks (Glitch-Soc) 2 months ago
  tastytea 64f4e378ef
Added status of Glitch-Soc support to readme 2 months ago
  tastytea cfb21e3e2b
Tell the compiler to be more pedantic for debug builds. 2 months ago
  tastytea 1f5e356b2a
Added Instance::max_toot_chars() 2 months ago
  tastytea 1875284670
CI: Updated drone recipe 3 months ago
  tastytea ebaee939eb
Incorporated changes from Mastodon 2.4 to 2.6 3 months ago
  tastytea 22c217d3da
Added GET /api/v1/endorsements, POST /api/v1/accounts/:id/pin, POST /api/v1/accounts/:id/unpin 3 months ago
  tastytea ad7ac09ae1
Added Relationship::endorsed() and Relationship::showing_notifications() 3 months ago
  tastytea c492158f64
Enhanced description for language(const string &language) 3 months ago
  tastytea 121cf0f32b
Added Status::card() 3 months ago
  tastytea a8e27d7f5d
Added Status::replies_count() 3 months ago
  tastytea d79fbc212b
Bugfix: Link error with inline function 3 months ago
  tastytea 18935da2d1
Added ABI instability warning 4 months ago
  tastytea 688fa9f346
CI: Changed g++ packages from bionic to xenial 4 months ago
  tastytea d4b42ac316
updated dependencies 4 months ago
  tastytea 2d3d7e3bdd
CI: replace gcc image with debian image 4 months ago
  tastytea 6385d405d9
fixed package build script 4 months ago
  tastytea 497cab1122
CI: Dropped g++-6, was based on jessie, didn't work with libcurlpp-dev from sid 4 months ago
  tastytea 38390274ae
Removed ebuilds from CI recipe 4 months ago
  tastytea be39e04b05
Changed dependencies: libcurlpp-dev is not in buster anymore, but in sid 4 months ago
  tastytea dd306268c4
Deleted ebuilds. 4 months ago
  tastytea e3c765ea5b
deleted useless debug statements 4 months ago
  tastytea e372614068
Added error 16: Timeout 4 months ago
  tastytea f1755d8de3
Bugfix: Error codes from send_post and send_toot were not reported back. 4 months ago
  tastytea f64984f331
Updated Easy::Account for Mastodon 2.4.0+ 5 months ago
  tastytea 54493cd42e
Fixed package generation issues 5 months ago
  tastytea 21ba221779
drone: deactivated gcc 5 5 months ago
  tastytea 7882429cef
drone: replaced stretch-dependencies with jessie-backports 5 months ago
  tastytea fc281a698b
drone: reversed compiler list, generate generic binary package 5 months ago
  tastytea 0ede902e0b
Enabled the possibility to generate source packages 5 months ago
  tastytea 7c2dfa65e2
fixed drone file 6 months ago
  tastytea b96ac7c19d
Updated readme 6 months ago
  tastytea fa4f6388a9
Fixed release-portion of CI-script 6 months ago
  tastytea cdb538fa45
Updated dependencies, version bump 6 months ago
  tastytea e885bd5ae6
Enhanced CI 6 months ago
  tastytea fb0a7c0f7f
Added option to compile to static library 7 months ago
  tastytea 63fd9f581c
bugfix: some examples didn't compile with -DWITHOUT_EASY 7 months ago
  tastytea e18c9b1c35
drone: changed working dir for gitea-release 7 months ago
  tastytea 70b7f1b673
fixed drone recipe 7 months ago