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  tastytea e184aab881
Update theme. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 2a6da65c71
Add link to changelog to each post. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 0584a26902
PDF→EPUB: Fix Find & Replace. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 8dd2375d40
PDF→EPUB: Recoomend “The Ace App”. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea c67fd6f310
PDF→EPUB: Add ARIA role for references to footnotes. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea fb921af466
PDF→EPUB: Remove role="doc-footnote", recommend EPUBCheck. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea cca19ccf17
PDF→EPUB: Add link to “EPUB 3 rendering in EPUB 2 reading systems”. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea 961cfcdc37
PDF→EPUB: Add tag: Calibre. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea c91f274faa
PDF→EPUB: Typo. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea 5b1977adc8
PDF→EPUB: Amend update log. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea fff0822930
PDF→EPUB: Add another accessibility-advice. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea dad938ce69
PDF→EPUB: Add EPUB 3 step, use HTML 5 in example. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea b56cf6c52b
PDF→EPUB: Clarified difference between footnotes and endnotes, 4 weeks ago
  tastytea 8bd0e60aae
Update theme. 1 month ago
  tastytea 7c4dada7d7
Update theme. 1 month ago
  tastytea e79b4b5b3d
Update theme. 1 month ago
  tastytea 83085c468e
Update theme, add ARIA labels for top and bottom menus. 1 month ago
  tastytea 7f1a356a63
Update theme. 1 month ago
  tastytea cf08527d11
Syncthing-PocketBook: Add info for Windows users. 1 month ago
  tastytea 79d3124ebb
PDF→EPUB: Add ARIA roles to examples. 1 month ago
  tastytea b26895aa88
PDF→EPUB: Add epub:type to examples. 1 month ago
  tastytea a8b9c51b7d
Don't prepend _ to automatically generated anchors. 1 month ago
  tastytea 6715f94129
PDF→EPUB: Remove EPUB tag, it's redundant. 1 month ago
  tastytea fc95d0862f
CSS: I discovered the border styles inset and outset. 😊 1 month ago
  tastytea 9be6edaea1
Make code background more visible. 1 month ago
  tastytea 196cdd9d11
CSS: Make kbd and .button inline-block. 1 month ago
  tastytea def6d20fbb
CSS: Add a bit of padding to kbd. 1 month ago
  tastytea 13cb6d4710
PDF→EPUB: Add describe-key tip. 1 month ago
  tastytea 255408907b
PDF→EPUB: Visually clarify macros. 1 month ago
  tastytea 3574b902d8
Enable experimental AsciiDoctor-features by default. 1 month ago
  tastytea e16394b938
Update nocolor theme. 1 month ago
  tastytea d16ed91973
CSS: Add box-shadow to admonition blocks. 1 month ago
  tastytea 34bf4d8fe9
CSS: Rename --bg-admonition to --bg-dark. 1 month ago
  tastytea 02bc28b9de
Add a simple 3D effect to kbd and button class. 1 month ago
  tastytea b3de042dd3
PDF→EPUB: Add more menu markup. 1 month ago
  tastytea 7eba6dc8ac
PDF→EPUB: Add button markup. 1 month ago
  tastytea 0fa2374deb
Style button class. 1 month ago
  tastytea dd987ca2d8
Style pagination class. 1 month ago
  tastytea 1dcc8ea664
Make title small-caps instead of uppercase. 1 month ago
  tastytea 3383bf0807
Add Meta post about merge. 1 month ago
  tastytea 0c1c260c88
Capitalize tags. 1 month ago
  tastytea bb1c0eece0
Merge computering and thoughtpile blogs into thoughtpile. 1 month ago
  tastytea 8b76c7bf64
PDF→EPUB: Add ToC. 1 month ago
  tastytea 54b9b8fab6
Add ToC styling to CSS and settings to default archetype. 1 month ago
  tastytea e52a2124a3
CSS: Remove stray Y. 1 month ago
  tastytea 87e8c8b32d
PDF→EPUB: Add note about key notation. 1 month ago
  tastytea 104405e29b
PDF→EPUB: Fix key styling. 1 month ago
  tastytea c42f6ead98
Style <kbd>. 1 month ago
  tastytea 92446b6ba1
PDF→EPUB: Use types for menus and keyboard keys; small fixes. 1 month ago
  tastytea de98ade9c0
Add PDF → EPUB article. 1 month ago