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  tastytea efb4fb25d0
Move stuff to /assets. 1 week ago
  tastytea 2aca33df03
Update theme. 1 week ago
  tastytea 79d0ee9588
Disable comtodon. 1 week ago
  tastytea 8f9fc3d152
Update theme and adjust CSS accordingly. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea bde0496642
Rename blog to Computering, change URL. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea 6c922a1ebf
Delete slick theme, update nocolor theme. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea 934a75b93d
Update syntax highlighting style sheet. 4 weeks ago
  tastytea 1daa772f5a
Fix comtodon author color. 1 month ago
  tastytea 145b69b28b
syncthing on pocketbook: Add URLs and abbreviations. 2 months ago
  tastytea c48f624870
syncthing on pocketbook: Add ignorePerms tip. 2 months ago
  tastytea fd1bda832f
syncthing on pocketbook: Don't write “PocketBook” so often. 2 months ago
  tastytea 785137e405
Add comtodon ID to syncthing-pocketbook. 2 months ago
  tastytea e2b984d8f8
Update submodules. 2 months ago
  tastytea b7cf8b013d
Update don't-modify-on-save variable. 2 months ago
  tastytea 449bdfe0ca
Add syncthing-on-pocketbook. 2 months ago
  tastytea 767e0bbcf6
Add slug to adoc template. 2 months ago
  tastytea ac21248255
Change subtitle. 1 year ago
  tastytea 9589b8ce81
Remove commented out menu entries. 1 year ago
  tastytea f8e31a787f
Switch highlighting to pygments. 1 year ago
  tastytea 53d8ff2a43
Increase <pre>-padding a bit. 1 year ago
  tastytea 7b6a93e5a5
Add a little padding to <pre>. 1 year ago
  tastytea 05cdbb0d3e
Make things rounder. 1 year ago
  tastytea c1c9b24f79
Overwrite background-color for highlighted sections. 1 year ago
  tastytea 981a0e5fc8
New theme. 1 year ago
  tastytea 75501d3abb
Workaround RSS issue. 1 year ago
  tastytea 567911275e
Fix theme. 1 year ago
  tastytea 70b81fb9c8
Change post template. 1 year ago
  tastytea 5f80f02a53
Make comment-links work. 1 year ago
  tastytea c9b084cf74
AsciiDoc-Gitea article: Updated Gitea-patch to 1.10.0. 1 year ago
  tastytea d3bfd509b9
Switched comment system to comtodon. 1 year ago
  tastytea 45488a2c62
Update comment shortcode. 1 year ago
  tastytea 30c3877a80
Add comments to the remaining 3 articles. 1 year ago
  tastytea b7606c466a
Updated comment script. 1 year ago
  tastytea 78ef146ee7
Updated theme. 1 year ago
  tastytea 1524350f44
Add width to image in remwharead article. 1 year ago
  tastytea 4c0361eb1f
Updated comment shortcode. 1 year ago
  tastytea a6090c5c4a
Enable comments on remwharead-article. 1 year ago
  tastytea 049822a72a
Add comments shortcode. 1 year ago
  tastytea 811fa02a41
Don't show full articles on front page. 1 year ago
  tastytea 02970f8493
Replace `which` with `command -v` in remote Emacs article. 1 year ago
  tastytea 4c5d314b64
Added Zsh-TRAMP-hack to remote Emacs article. 1 year ago
  tastytea 3d33203774
Remote Emacs article: Allow spaces in filenames and realpath -m. 1 year ago
  tastytea 0693d3a51d
Publish “Keep track of what you've read online with remwharead”. 1 year ago
  tastytea f9a3c36280
Add styles for TIP and IMPORTANT boxes to CSS. 1 year ago
  tastytea db77792c7e
Added float:right and float:left to CSS. 1 year ago
  tastytea 98831da64d
Cosmetic change in emacsremote. 1 year ago
  tastytea d15b94d40a
Updated emacsremote-post to include the -f argument for emacsclient. 1 year ago
  tastytea 0c597b3f11
Show 5 posts per page. 1 year ago
  tastytea db172bebd6
Changed comment about terminal blocking. 1 year ago
  tastytea 274fc60df9
Corrected date. 1 year ago