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  tastytea ac21248255
Change subtitle. 9 months ago
  tastytea 9589b8ce81
Remove commented out menu entries. 9 months ago
  tastytea f8e31a787f
Switch highlighting to pygments. 9 months ago
  tastytea 53d8ff2a43
Increase <pre>-padding a bit. 9 months ago
  tastytea 7b6a93e5a5
Add a little padding to <pre>. 9 months ago
  tastytea 05cdbb0d3e
Make things rounder. 9 months ago
  tastytea c1c9b24f79
Overwrite background-color for highlighted sections. 9 months ago
  tastytea 981a0e5fc8
New theme. 9 months ago
  tastytea 75501d3abb
Workaround RSS issue. 9 months ago
  tastytea 567911275e
Fix theme. 9 months ago
  tastytea 70b81fb9c8
Change post template. 10 months ago
  tastytea 5f80f02a53
Make comment-links work. 10 months ago
  tastytea c9b084cf74
AsciiDoc-Gitea article: Updated Gitea-patch to 1.10.0. 10 months ago
  tastytea d3bfd509b9
Switched comment system to comtodon. 10 months ago
  tastytea 45488a2c62
Update comment shortcode. 10 months ago
  tastytea 30c3877a80
Add comments to the remaining 3 articles. 10 months ago
  tastytea b7606c466a
Updated comment script. 10 months ago
  tastytea 78ef146ee7
Updated theme. 10 months ago
  tastytea 1524350f44
Add width to image in remwharead article. 10 months ago
  tastytea 4c0361eb1f
Updated comment shortcode. 10 months ago
  tastytea a6090c5c4a
Enable comments on remwharead-article. 10 months ago
  tastytea 049822a72a
Add comments shortcode. 10 months ago
  tastytea 811fa02a41
Don't show full articles on front page. 10 months ago
  tastytea 02970f8493
Replace `which` with `command -v` in remote Emacs article. 11 months ago
  tastytea 4c5d314b64
Added Zsh-TRAMP-hack to remote Emacs article. 11 months ago
  tastytea 3d33203774
Remote Emacs article: Allow spaces in filenames and realpath -m. 11 months ago
  tastytea 0693d3a51d
Publish “Keep track of what you've read online with remwharead”. 1 year ago
  tastytea f9a3c36280
Add styles for TIP and IMPORTANT boxes to CSS. 1 year ago
  tastytea db77792c7e
Added float:right and float:left to CSS. 1 year ago
  tastytea 98831da64d
Cosmetic change in emacsremote. 1 year ago
  tastytea d15b94d40a
Updated emacsremote-post to include the -f argument for emacsclient. 1 year ago
  tastytea 0c597b3f11
Show 5 posts per page. 1 year ago
  tastytea db172bebd6
Changed comment about terminal blocking. 1 year ago
  tastytea 274fc60df9
Corrected date. 1 year ago
  tastytea 660634163e
Enhanced introduction with a vague summary. 1 year ago
  tastytea 63b05f18ee
New article: Editing remote files with Emacs, comfortably. 1 year ago
  tastytea ff69b060f2
Serif text, sans-serif headlines. WARNING blocks. 1 year ago
  tastytea 0b8f8bf85e
Disabled Clearnet and Tor links, since I can't disable baseURL. 1 year ago
  tastytea 319a6225a7
Changed baseURL back, it messed up the RSS feed. 1 year ago
  tastytea 3195b84831
Added links to clearnet and Tor version of the site. 1 year ago
  tastytea b7754b4f93
Added padding to NOTE:. 1 year ago
  tastytea 8bbd7357b3
Set baseURL to /. 1 year ago
  tastytea dbd42d10ff
Modified adoc template. 1 year ago
  tastytea 06ce9d00f7
Enahnced theme, better AciiDoc-NOTE styling. 1 year ago
  tastytea 0aaa0d6b9b
Changed appearance of note in wireguard-article. 1 year ago
  tastytea e871b44ff2
Deleted "Fediverse" from footer. 1 year ago
  tastytea c3ea92534d
Activated schema support. 1 year ago
  tastytea e1062c599f
wireguard-article: replaced "all" with "DEVICE" in accept_ra thing. 1 year ago
  tastytea 56cd3f33cc
Make CSS more readable by de-minifiing it. 1 year ago
  tastytea 60677103a6
Reduced margin between list items; Styled [NOTE] 1 year ago