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change favicon 2 months ago
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pocketbook: add absolute path info and library-workaround 2 months ago
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misskey impressions: add bookwyrm detail 2 months ago
tastytea f666edef09
Misskey-impressions: Change AiScript URL 4 months ago
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Replace favicon 4 months ago
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Misskey first impressions: typos 4 months ago
tastytea 8648b44c74
Misskey first impressions: Clarify in intro, reactions 4 months ago
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Update favicon 5 months ago
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Add My first impressions with Misskey 5 months ago
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Add Meine ersten eindrücke mit Misskey 5 months ago
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Draft: Open URLs based on regular expressions 6 months ago
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Add some stuff to article template 6 months ago
tastytea c5298ac477
Fix indentation after sub-headings 6 months ago
tastytea 1fae587189
Fix indentation for real this time 7 months ago
tastytea a055efde7a
Fix “Don't indent first p” 7 months ago
tastytea 008301589f
Allow calling AsciiDoctor 7 months ago
tastytea df9dbe40e5
Don't indent first p. 7 months ago
tastytea 84ed650ceb
UP: Add common-proxies recipe. 10 months ago
tastytea c301203e0a
Ignore hugo lockfile. 10 months ago
tastytea fd60327e2d
UP: Fix URL of matrix rewrite example. 10 months ago
tastytea 1b3f23dbbb
UP: Add common proxies tip. 10 months ago
tastytea cb011e8a32
UP: Better description of UnifiedPush. 10 months ago
tastytea b901cbf8b8
Change subdomain from thoughtpile to blog. 12 months ago
tastytea 9d84b343fb
Update theme, add RSS hyperlink in footer. 1 year ago
tastytea 9cd75096c7
UnifiedPush: Add tip about sending push messages from shell scripts. 1 year ago
tastytea abcb47790b
UnifiedPush: Clarify difference between Gotify and Gotify-UP. 1 year ago
tastytea 0569c56128
Change background-color of titles above code examples. 1 year ago
tastytea b9a455f6ba
Update theme. 1 year ago
tastytea b6a2a83e80
UnifiedPush: Remove “did”. 1 year ago
tastytea 7a9128997f
New post: UnifiedPush. 1 year ago
tastytea 76519a7d37
CSS: Rework text-align exceptions. 1 year ago
tastytea 0bdc2325d5
Update theme. 1 year ago
tastytea 0f2a476377
CSS: Fix menu not being centered. 1 year ago
tastytea f097533a00
CSS: Slightly increase maergin for TOC. 1 year ago
tastytea 1fccd53efa
CSS: Add more text-align exceptions for titles and so on. 1 year ago
tastytea 8e3745bae1
Only float TOC right if screen is large enough. 1 year ago
tastytea aa6a1f32fe
Fix language menu. 1 year ago
tastytea fbe58ba0f3
CSS: Add text-align-exception for /posts/. 1 year ago
tastytea b0cc1ff856
Set time zone. 1 year ago
tastytea 09ad654380
E-books erstellen: Verweis auf Calibre-GUI bei den beispielen. 1 year ago
tastytea bf7aee663a
E-books erstellen: Noch mehr aufräumen, sections. 1 year ago
tastytea 4ca6275948
Set AsciIDoctor options in config. 1 year ago
tastytea 14357337d4
Rename cgroup tag to CGroup. 1 year ago
tastytea 9b5e7bc70b
CSS: Adjust <code> background transparency. 1 year ago
tastytea 1d8462a191
Improve contrast in light theme. 1 year ago
tastytea 60ac230ca7
cgroup: Add note about IO distribution availability. 1 year ago
tastytea 0be2de3cf8
cgroup: Add more precise footnotes. 1 year ago
tastytea fa77f6868c
cgroup: Add footnote to io.weight. 1 year ago
tastytea 6537bdc0b9
cgroup: Use and explain cpu.weight. 1 year ago
tastytea 16b72b03f7
CSS: Remove --sel, it isn't used. 1 year ago