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  tastytea cade0f8a4a
Bugfix: would hang if link is of class mention 3 months ago
  tastytea 3808a89a13
Set timeout to 30 seconds 3 months ago
  tastytea 3a44361bf7
Added more default replacements (AMP) 3 months ago
  tastytea 73ddaf2776
Updated dependencies 3 months ago
  tastytea b744fb0903
Enhanced CI 3 months ago
  tastytea f42bff3918
bugfix: Treated Easy::Results as Easy::Status, resulting in always-false validity. 3 months ago
  tastytea 52604d536a
Made URL-detecting regular expression better 5 months ago
  tastytea 23ad1917f9
drone: changed downloaded mastodon-cpp to 0.17.1 5 months ago
  tastytea 07629de436
Updated dependencies 5 months ago
  tastytea 8c91751fbe
downgraded drone from buster to stretch 5 months ago
  tastytea a25672c039
drone: always pull new images 5 months ago
  tastytea c4b4522dc7
Rewrote send_reply(), upped mastodon-cpp dependency to version 0.17.0 5 months ago
  tastytea 0b218fd472
updated dependencies 6 months ago
  tastytea 46f7ddc575
drone: Added email notification 6 months ago
  tastytea c602278dc5
changed download method in drone script 6 months ago
  tastytea ef7067a169
added drone config 6 months ago
  tastytea 764e84cefd
fixed connectionbrokennessdetection 6 months ago
  tastytea 209743fd55
Check for new messages every 2 seconds (was: 5), made the connection-brokenness-detection easier to understand 6 months ago
  tastytea f70b5f1a82
strip: replaced wtmc and wt_zmc with wt_? 6 months ago
  tastytea cfec84d455
Changed URL of screenshot, syntax highlighting clarifications 6 months ago
  tastytea f5a8f04d73
make surer config file is written on shutdown 6 months ago
  tastytea 42d1898ce3
git.schlomp.space -> schlomp.space 6 months ago
  tastytea bf5fffca3a
Changed website URL when registering on the server 6 months ago
  tastytea a6f37098f2
changed spaces to tabs 6 months ago
  tastytea 6463f8ef1f
readme highlighting 6 months ago
  tastytea 5d34c938e1
Changed URLs to point to git.schlomp.space 6 months ago
  tastytea b147b42b79
Increased delay after error from 60 to 120 seconds 6 months ago
  tastytea bf608f5145
removed redundancy in error message 6 months ago
  tastytea e528cf6baa
updated documentation 6 months ago
  tastytea 46aa2b89c3
Bugfix: Made sure that the first parameter has a leading '?' 6 months ago
  tastytea f3db10dc0a
Added support for configurable regular expressions 6 months ago
  tastytea a1ef65b71c
set _ptr to nullptr after reset() 6 months ago
  tastytea 50d3ab6bba
Fixed reconnect issues, hopefully 6 months ago
  tastytea 2c955a2a18
updated ebuild 6 months ago
  tastytea 7938cfb30b
Rewrote config file management 6 months ago
  tastytea 6dbddb6df2
Fix premature "Connected to..." message 6 months ago
  tastytea 992f6373ab
Added warning if in_reply_to_id is not found 6 months ago
  tastytea 0a380dbab4
Incresed wait time after broken connection from 30 to 60 seconds 6 months ago
  tastytea 1273f72e4b
Try fetching the status 2 times 6 months ago
  tastytea ed537c850f
typo 6 months ago
  tastytea 575fb5b4e2
Added proxy support #1 6 months ago
  tastytea 95c9eea3df
Added 30-second delay on stream error 6 months ago
  tastytea c6153d98e0
typo 6 months ago
  tastytea 981389343f
fixed openrc script 6 months ago
  tastytea 9f94317b7d
added "Connected to …" log message 6 months ago
  tastytea 293600447b
Corrected logstring format 6 months ago
  tastytea 061056548b
re-added notice to stderr if received signal 6 months ago
  tastytea 824fe6bba6
changed log facility to local1 6 months ago
  tastytea e9419c07a1
Logging via syslog added, logging vio stdout/stderr removed 6 months ago
  tastytea c215c076e4
improved error checking 6 months ago