Some Gentoo ebuilds, no guarantees.
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tastytea ac76b6f2eb
www-apps/libravatarserv: update live ebuild
2 days ago
acct-group */*: remove www-apps/pleroma, user, group 1 month ago
acct-user */*: remove www-apps/pleroma, user, group 1 month ago
app-emulation/dxvk app-emulation/dxvk: update live ebuild 1 month ago
app-i18n/poedit app-i18n/poedit: Version bump 3.0.1 7 months ago
app-text/epubgrep app-text/epubgrep: Fix libarchive dependency 4 months ago
dev-cpp dev-cpp/cpprest: Bump EAPI to 8. 9 months ago
dev-lang/compilescript dev-lang/compilescript: Migrate from cmake-utils to cmake. 2 years ago
dev-perl/Mail-GnuPG Switch to thin manifests and don't sign them anymore. 2 years ago
dev-util/highlight-diffpatch dev-util/highlight-diffpatch: New package 4 months ago
games-server/factorio-server games-server/factorio-server: drop 1.1.53 2 months ago
licenses sys-apps/hashboot: New init script location, added firmware flag. 3 years ago
metadata Prefer ::gentoo over ::guru if eclass has the same name. 1 year ago
net-im/nheko net-im/nheko: add kde-frameworks/kimageformats as optfeature 2 months ago
net-misc net-misc/mastorss: Remove package. 1 year ago
profiles profiles: unmask www-apps/misskey 2 weeks ago
sci-libs/cld2 sci-libs/cld2: Bump EAPI to 8. 9 months ago
sys-apps/hashboot sys-apps/hashboot: Fix incorrect source variable 1 year ago
www-apps www-apps/libravatarserv: update live ebuild 2 days ago
www-misc/remwharead www-misc/gitea2rss: Remove package. 10 months ago
x11-misc/gcolor2 x11-misc/gcolor2: initial import 2 months ago
x11-themes x11-themes/papirus-folders: Version bump 1.12.0 4 months ago
.dir-locals.el Add .dir-locals.el. 2 years ago
.drone.yml CI: Clone ::guru in extra step. 10 months ago
.editorconfig Use spaces for .yml files. 2 years ago
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Portage repository “tastytea”

This is an unofficial repository for Portage, Gentoo's package manager. It depends on the GURU repository.

All ebuilds are marked as testing. All live-ebuilds have no keywords. I will delete ebuilds I no longer use.

Some ebuilds are a bit hacky, use at your own risk. 😊

Add this repository

Using eselect-repository

eselect repository enable tastytea

Using layman

layman -fa tastytea

Signing keys

I use SSH to sign commits. Before 2022-01-19, I used PGP.

Fingerprint: SHA256:FBkvrOlhq5use1XEttyUGT4bUTDVA1ar9SgIc9P03cM



Fingerprint: D5B4 C43B 48A8 79F6 3529 36E6 5934 6E0E A35C 67E5

gpg --locate-keys