442 Commits (master)

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  tastytea 423708322f
net-im/gajim: Added keywords to 1.1.3. 11 hours ago
  tastytea 604c1a5c49
net-im/gajim: Version bump 1.1.3 11 hours ago
  tastytea ccdc81eb56
www-apps/pleroma-installer: Added slice to nginx requirements. 1 day ago
  tastytea c315873c86
www-apps/pleroma: Added slice to nginx requirements. 1 day ago
  tastytea 8a5d89f266
dev-util/gitea2rss: Version bump 0.4.4. 2 days ago
  tastytea c0d503be41
dev-util/gitea2rss: Version bump 0.4.3. 2 days ago
  tastytea e68b189be2
dev-cpp/mastodon-cpp: Version bump 0.105.1. 2 days ago
  tastytea 69f0c0a5ed
net-misc/soupbot: Corrected URLs 3 days ago
  tastytea e0fcf34af0
dev-util/gitea2rss: Only set EXTRA_TEST_ARGS if tests are enabled. 3 days ago
  tastytea 862236f2f1
dev-cpp/mastodon-cpp: Added test 3 days ago
  tastytea 3a0cbccf58
dev-util/gitea2rss: Added tests 3 days ago
  tastytea c0525a17f6
Changed email address. 3 days ago
  tastytea 69feada97a
www-apps/gitea: Version bump 1.8.0 3 days ago
  tastytea 9ca5699174
dev-cpp/mastodon-cpp: 3 days ago
  tastytea 6e3714a942
net-misc/soupbot: Adjusted dependencies. 3 days ago
  tastytea 2e92625a53
net-misc/mastorss: Version bump 0.9.0 3 days ago
  tastytea eac47330ac
net-misc/expandurl-mastodon: Adjusted dependencies. 3 days ago
  tastytea 9a2f87481f
net-misc/feiertagebot: Adjusted dependencies. 3 days ago
  tastytea 7efd8dbdb8
dev-util/gitea2rss: Version bump 0.4.2 4 days ago
  tastytea 6d394a1167
dev-util/gitea2rss: Version bump 0.4.1 4 days ago
  tastytea ddc607c80a
net-misc/expandurl-mastodon: Adjusted dependencies 4 days ago
  tastytea 3f8124c7f4
dev-cpp/mastodon-cpp: Version bump 0.105.0 4 days ago
  tastytea ae77b36d1c
dev-cpp/mastodon-cpp: Version bump 0.104.0 5 days ago
  tastytea 9aa356c10b
dev-util/gitea2rss: Version bump 0.3.1 6 days ago
  tastytea 28d4ff987c
dev-util/gitea2rss: Version bump 0.3.0 1 week ago
  tastytea 83d982634e
dev-util/gitea2rss: Version bump 0.2.0 1 week ago
  tastytea 083594cea1
dev-util/gitea2rss: Version bump 0.1.0 1 week ago
  tastytea c9e53e0119
dev-cpp/curlpp: Added ~x86 keyword 1 week ago
  tastytea f1f99b22e1
www-apps/gitea: Fixed GITEA_CUSTOM is init script. 1 week ago
  tastytea 0e4d4032a7
dev-util/gitea2rss: New package. 1 week ago
  tastytea 5daf99dfb0
app-emulation/dxvk: Version bump 1.0.3 1 week ago
  tastytea 89caca23c2
www-apps/gitea: Version bump 1.7.6 1 week ago
  tastytea 6cc5812dbf
app-emulation/dxvk: Removed 1.1, deleted by upstream 1 week ago
  tastytea 8fa6c55fcd
Updated PGP fingerprint. 1 week ago
  tastytea f46dc1cd1a
www-apps/pleroma: Version bump 0.9.9999 2 weeks ago
  tastytea 32872b4a37
app-emulation/dxvk: Version bump 1.1 2 weeks ago
  tastytea bbb30e94eb
app-misc/rdfind: Added --add-missing to eautomake. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea a7c753cc24
app-misc/rdfind: Added ~arm, added link to documentaion. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea dfc09536eb
www-apps/gitea: Updated ebuild and files. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 645a0ae5ce
app-emulation/dxvk: Version bump 1.0.2. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea b6e2f6bc35
www-apps/pleroma: Fixed installation of documentation for the future. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 35ca8d3063
www-apps/pleroma-installer: Fixed installation of documentation. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 8393ed1271
sys-apps/hashboot: Removed upstream maintainer address. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea a0b885bd89
sys-apps/hashboot: Version 0.9.13. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea ff8d62db14
sys-apps/hashboot: New init script location, added firmware flag. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 95dd71786d
dev-cpp/mastodon-cpp: Reverted slotting. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 523df7a9de
www-apps/pleroma-installer: Version 6, fixed init script. 3 weeks ago
  tastytea 6361208b76
www-apps/gitea: Version bump 1.7.5 3 weeks ago
  tastytea ce526b00d5
app-misc/rdfind: New package 4 weeks ago
  tastytea 7266de06bb
Cleaned up slightly-broken ebuilds. 1 month ago