Saves URIs of things you want to remember in a database.
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remwharead saves URIs of things you want to remember in a database along with an URI to the archived version, the current date and time, title, description, the full text of the page and optional tags.

The database can be filtered by time, tags and full text and exported to CSV, AsciiDoc, JSON or RSS.

Archiving is done using the Wayback machine from the Internet Archive.

Example 1. AsciiDoc export formatted with Asciidoctor.
Dates view
Tags view


See manpage and/or read the blogpost.

With rofi

The rofi export makes integration with rofi simple. See scripts/remwharead-rofi for an example.

In your programs

The complete functionality is implemented in a C++ library, libremwharead. Take a look at the reference for more info.



Add my repository and install it from there.

eselect repository enable tastytea
echo "www-misc/remwharead ~amd64" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/remwharead
emaint sync -r tastytea
emerge -a www-misc/remwharead

Debian and Debian based

Download the .deb-package from and install with apt install ./rewharead_*.deb. The package works for 64 bit installations only.

From source


  • Tested OS: Linux

  • C++ compiler (gcc 6+, clang 6+)

  • cmake (at least: 3.9)

  • POCO (tested: 1.9 / 1.7)

  • Boost (tested: 1.71 / 1.67)

  • Optional:

    • Manpage: asciidoc (tested: 8.6)

    • Tests: catch (tested: 2.5 / 1.2)

    • DEB package: dpkg (tested: 1.18)

    • RPM package: rpm-build (tested: 4.11)

Example 2. Install dependencies in Debian buster.
apt-get install g++ cmake libpoco-dev asciidoc dpkg

Get sourcecode


Download the current release at

Development version
git clone


mkdir build
cd build/
cmake ..
cmake --build .
cmake options:
  • -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug for a debug build.

  • -DWITH_MAN=NO to not compile the manpage.

  • -DWITH_TESTS=YES to compile the tests.

  • -DWITH_MOZILLA=YES to install the wrapper for the Mozilla extension.

  • -DMOZILLA_NMH_DIR lets you set the directory for the Mozilla extension wrapper. The complete path is ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/${MOZILLA_NMH_DIR}.

  • -DHUNTER_ENABLED=YES to use the package manager Hunter.

  • -DWITH_CLANG-TIDY=YES to check the sourcecode with clang-tidy while compiling.

  • One of:

    • -DWITH_DEB=YES if you want to be able to generate a deb-package.

    • -DWITH_RPM=YES if you want to be able to generate an rpm-package.

You can run the tests with cd tests && ctest. Install with make install, generate binary packages with make package.

Compiling with Hunter

If your operating system doesn’t provide all the dependencies or the versions are too old, you can use the Hunter package manager to download and compile all library dependencies. Keep in mind that the packages from Hunter are not necessarily up to date.

mkdir build
cd build/
cmake --build .

Browser plugins


The WebExtension works in Firefox and possibly other browsers with WebExtension support. You can install it from or build it yourself with

How to contribute

Read the Code of Conduct.

Reporting bugs or suggesting enhancements

Before reporting a bug, please perform a search to see if the problem has already been reported. If it has, add a comment to the existing issue instead of opening a new one. Same for enhancements.

You can also contact me via E-Mail, XMPP or the Fediverse if you don’t want to open an account.

Pull requests

Please use similar coding conventions as the rest of the project. The basic rule to remember is to write code in the same style as the existing/surrounding code.

You can also send me your patches via E-Mail, ideally using git format-patch or git send-email.

The icons of the plugins are from the Papirus icon theme with the license GPLv3.

Copyright © 2019 tastytea <>.
License GPLv3: GNU GPL version 3 <>.
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software,
and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.