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  tastytea 540877fb75
Removed error report via statusbar, added error reporting via message box. 5 days ago
  tastytea f0e01cd268
Added link to wiki on binary packages 1 month ago
  tastytea 7407a9a037
updated dependencies 1 month ago
  tastytea 614eb26f32
CI: Build packages on ubuntu 16.04 1 month ago
  tastytea 7d1d5e52d8
CI: re-added gnupg 1 month ago
  tastytea b50f38decf
CI: Building packages on Debian jessie 1 month ago
  tastytea a65c1c549e
Added xdgcfg instructions to readme 1 month ago
  tastytea e680b8e323
CI: fixed dependency in recipe 1 month ago
  tastytea 2a8cd9c5b0
Added libconfig dependency 1 month ago
  tastytea 740d0929d2
Added submodule indo to readme 1 month ago
  tastytea 5163b4adbb
Implemented saving and loading settings 1 month ago
  tastytea 096c74c4cc
Clarified optional dependencies 1 month ago
  tastytea ce9d156ef2
updated readme, removed AppImage mention. 1 month ago
  tastytea 0458ef2d8d
Added shortcut to add dialog: Del deletes selected receipt 1 month ago
  tastytea 9cc5af5142
Added drop-support to add dialog (closes #8) 1 month ago
  tastytea f6ff77571d
Added drop-support to main window (issue #8) 1 month ago
  tastytea 27ccc954a1
Enhanced appdata 1 month ago
  tastytea 48beb922fa
Removed AppImage support 1 month ago
  tastytea 85ea86953a
typo 1 month ago
  tastytea 08de099a0a
Made heading of receipts-label translatable, added german translation 1 month ago
  tastytea 96cfb050c5
Added automatic package signing 1 month ago
  tastytea 39b424facc
Made sure translations are not deleted by make clean 1 month ago
  tastytea ca6e46eb8d
AppImage: Added workaround for translation-placing (bug #7) 1 month ago
  tastytea a6fe38af2f
Qt interface: Changed the icon names to lookup according to the Icon Naming Specification (bug #7) 1 month ago
  tastytea ed4fa40a3c
CI: AppImage: Fixed update information 1 month ago
  tastytea e24ecebc6c
Version bump 0.10.9 1 month ago
  tastytea 629ee93b2d
translation file update 1 month ago
  tastytea 376f77a3c9
CI: AppImage: Added Qt plugin 1 month ago
  tastytea b25da776ae
CI: Added dpkg-dev for shlibs 1 month ago
  tastytea d44ef20aa1
Fixed dependency versions in readme 1 month ago
  tastytea 82e1ff1861
CI: Switched back to jessie 1 month ago
  tastytea 576b879cb1
version bump 0.10.7 1 month ago
  tastytea 3cb5fe3e13
Changed introduction in readme 1 month ago
  tastytea 869102e0e9
CI: Install d-shlibs for automatic dependency adding for dpkgs 1 month ago
  tastytea 060b060010
CI: Fixed prepare_release 1 month ago
  tastytea e9be4a1e90
Refactored, cosmetic 1 month ago
  tastytea 6692ab8e0c
CI: Build packages on Debian jessie 1 month ago
  tastytea d5316891ef
cmake: Reverted requiredness of sqlite3 1 month ago
  tastytea d387c6d8c4
cmake: Stopped linking sqlite3, since we only need vsqlite++ 1 month ago
  tastytea bb2a68d326
cmake: Added sqlite3-check 1 month ago
  tastytea 97a5cbd1e6
Expanded appdata to comply with the AppStream specification. 1 month ago
  tastytea ea9048fb49
CI: added CXXFLAGS 1 month ago
  tastytea 9ad1eaba37
fixed appdata 1 month ago
  tastytea 3183feb541
Version bump 0.10.6 1 month ago
  tastytea a857d1c7c3
Added appdata.xml 1 month ago
  tastytea f6ed2c8d89
Added AppImage generation 1 month ago
  tastytea 4f6d7477a7
Only try to install translations if WITHOUT_TRANSLATIONS is unset 1 month ago
  tastytea 3874ec8e98
Added cmake options to readme 1 month ago
  tastytea a5dec132a1
Split up cmake file 1 month ago
  tastytea 691292598a
renamed menus 1 month ago